Workmans Comp Questions To Ask Your Attorney

Workers Compensation
November 10, 2021
Workmans comp questions

The following blog post lists a few questions you can ask when meeting with a workmans comp questions that you need to know… If you’ve been injured at work and need some guidance, the Law Office of Jon Marlowe is here to help. Workers compensation benefits are important for anyone who has been hurt on the job, but there are some questions you’ll want to ask a lawyer before moving forward.

Remember, it’s important to be as informed as possible when it comes to protecting your rights. The following blog post lists a few questions you can ask when meeting with a workmans comp attorney. We know how confusing this process can seem when it’s not something you’ve ever had to think about before, so read this quick article from the Law Office of Jon Marlowe for a few tips to help you get started. 

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Workmans Comp Questions That You Need To Know

1) Do I really need an attorney?

Remarkably, thousands of people are injured at work each year. Did you know that there are about 540 workplace injuries per hour in the United States alone? That’s a figure that’s hard to even imagine. Of course, many employees will be able to make a full recovery on their own, but others will be left with lasting aches and pains, or, sadly, life-long disabilities.

So even if you don’t think your injury will require you to file for workmans comp, it’s usually still a good idea to talk to a lawyer, just in case. Unfortunately, the impact of lost wages coupled with medical bills is often more than most workers can financially recover from on their own. This is why it’s so essential to have a knowledgeable attorney by your side. 

2) What is your success rate with workmans comp cases?

You should also ask your attorney how often they’ve been successful with previous workman comp cases. This will give you a better idea of an attorney’s skill and experience when it comes to handling your claim. You need a workers comp lawyer with a proven track record to safeguard your rights. 

3) Will you represent me yourself, or hand my claim off to someone else in the office?

Another important question you should ask a workers comp attorney is if they intend to represent you, or if someone else in their office would handle your claim. This is important because you want to make sure that you’re getting personalized service from a lawyer who is experienced and familiar with the details of your situation—not someone who’s learning on the job. 

Other Questions to Consider Asking a Workmans Comp Attorney

  • What if I was hurt because of my own negligence?
  • Are there any reasons I might not be able to collect workers comp?
  • What information or documents do you need from me?
  • Do I qualify for disability benefits as well as medical benefits?
  • Am I able to choose my own doctor?
  • How often do workman comp cases go to trial?

Need some quick help on workers comp? Whether you’re an employer, employee, or a personal injury lawyer, Jon Marlowe Law can answer your questions.

Workmans Comp Questions Answered

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