Workers Compensation Attorney: What is Covered By Workers Compensation?

Workers Compensation
September 12, 2021
workers compensation attorney

If you’ve been injured at work, then you’re probably wondering what’s covered by work comp benefits. An experienced workers compensation attorney can help you understand your rights, but ultimately it’s meant to compensate for any injury or sickness that was caused by your job duties. 

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Keep reading to learn more about workmans comp and what it includes. 

State By State

A workers compensation attorney will tell you that benefits vary depending on the state you live in. Generally, though, coverage includes the same basic categories, such as medical expenses, temporary disability benefits while you are unable to work and are recovering from the injury, compensation for permanent disability or ongoing treatment, and even funeral costs. Let’s review them in more detail. 

Disability Payments

Whether the disability is permanent or only temporary, work comp insurance will typically pay a set allowance if you’re unable to return to work at this time. But it’s important to note that the conditions for eligibility, as well as how much money you receive, can vary considerably. Disability payments are dependent on a range of factors, so if you were seriously injured and are unable to return to your job, a workers compensation attorney can help you with this process.

Temporary Disability Payments

Likewise, it’s possible to have some of your wages covered by workmans comp. Typically a percentage of your average weekly wages is paid to you while you are off work recovering from your injuries. For example, if you slipped on a wet floor at the office and hurt your arm, work comp coverage can be used to replace a portion of your lost wages while the doctors put you off of work to heal. 

Medical Expenses

Workers compensation also covers medical expenses related to a workplace injury or sickness, as well as a treatment plan. When handled correctly, the worker is able to make a claim to the insurance company and receive medical treatment paid for by the workers compensation insurance company. 

Funeral Costs

If a loved one dies on the job, funeral costs may also be included in their workmans comp coverage. A workers compensation attorney can explain any death benefits that are owed to the employee’s beneficiaries, as well as how to properly file the claim. 

Ongoing Care

Another thing to consider is that ongoing care is sometimes necessary. For example, a nursery worker might require ongoing long term medical treatment for their back after lifting heavy landscaping supplies and suffering an injury. In certain situations an injured worker may receive a lifetime medical benefits award for treatment to the body parts injured in their work accident.

Talk to a Workers Compensation Attorney

Hiring a workers compensation attorney can make the difference between being able to recover from your injury or illness, and not getting the help you need. So if you were injured at work, don’t wait. It’s important to contact an experienced attorney right away so you don’t accidentally make a mistake that costs you. 

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