Why Should I go to a Free Work Injury Law Clinic?

August 30, 2019
law clinic

First of all, one may ask “what is a law clinic?”  Is it a place the law goes when it gets sick?  Not at all.  A law clinic is a workshop, seminar, or place where a person can come and get information on a specific area of law.  In the case of our upcoming FREE Work Injury Law Clinic, we will provide information about work injuries and California workers compensation law. Workers Compensation law applies to individuals who have suffered an injury at work. At our free Work Injury Law Clinics, we provide information about workers compensation law and how to get medical and money benefits through the workers compensation system.

What if I don’t have a work injury claim, should I still attend the Work Injury Law Clinic?

YES this law clinic is for anyone who has a job! Information is POWER. If you work at a job in the State of California you should be familiar with the workers compensation system just in case you suffer an on the job injury. It may also be helpful for those who may not know if they have valid claim or not. We often talk with people who just want to know if they have a valid workers compensation claim or not. Even if you are perfectly healthy this Law Clinic is for those who just want to be prepared or know what to expect if they are injured at work.

Law clinics are also a good way to get general information about an area of law without having to go through the process of setting up an appointment with an attorney at their office. Sometimes the thought of meeting with an attorney at their office can be intimidating.  After attending the law, you may decide that you maybe really do need an attorney, that you in fact don’t think you need one, or may have clarity on an issue that you did not have before attending.  Regardless, you will have obtained some new information and will have had the opportunity to have your questions answered in a less formal environment than in a stuffy law office.  If you feel like the FREE Work Injury Law would be of any benefit to you, please register for one of our upcoming Work Injury Law Clinic!