7 Benefits to Hiring a Workers Compensation Attorney

Ladders and keyboards and boxes, oh my! Your attorney for workers comp has seen it all. As you might imagine, there are all sorts of ways to get hurt at work. Some are obvious, like falling off a ladder and breaking your leg. Others aren’t quite as apparent, like typing on a computer over the course of many years until you have pain in your wrists and hands that won’t go away. Both are work injuries. 

Did you know that work injuries can even happen when you’re not actually at the work site? Sometimes what you’re involved in at the time doesn’t even seem like work! For instance, if you use a company car for your job and you’re commuting from a client’s location to your main office when you get hit on the freeway, that is considered a work injury.  Also, if your work sets up a team-building event at a paintball center and a co-worker shoots you in the eye, that is a work injury as well. 

Should You Call a Workers Comp Lawyer?

If you were injured at work, you’re probably wondering if you need a lawyer to represent you. The answer is always yes, so here are 7 reasons to choose an attorney for workers comp

1) Ensure Your Agreement is Worded Properly

Workers compensation is undeniably complex. Avoid hidden clauses in your settlement agreement that could cost you money by hiring an experienced attorney to handle your claim. 

2) Improve Your Chances in Court

Hopefully your case won’t need to be settled in a courtroom, but since the possibility is not out of the question, prepare for the worst by seeking legal representation. With so much at stake, there’s no doubt you need a workers comp attorney by your side.  

3) Negotiating with the Insurance Company

If you choose to represent yourself, you’ll be dealing with the insurance company on your own, and they have more experience than you. In fact, they’ve probably already been through this a hundred times. A workers comp attorney can protect you from being pressured into an agreement that isn’t fair.  

4) Avoid Having Your Claim Denied

A workers comp lawyer can build a better case than you could on your own, even if co-workers witnessed your injury. A work comp attorney knows exactly what kind of evidence you’ll need to build a case that’s too strong to be denied. 

5) Know if a Settlement is Fair

How can you really know if a settlement offer is fair? Find out if you’re being offered the financial compensation you’re entitled to by hiring an experienced workers comp lawyer. 

Consultations are free and there aren’t any upfront legal fees to worry about, so there’s no financial risk. 

7) Outsource Your Stress

Being injured at work is stressful, but you can outsource some of your stress when you hire an attorney who specializes in workers comp cases. Why wouldn’t you let a pro handle things like legal paperwork and witness interviews? After all, you have better things to do—like focus on your healing. 

Do You Need an Attorney for Workers Comp?

As you can imagine, there are many things to consider when you’re injured at work. Navigating workers compensation benefits is complex, but an experienced attorney can make all the difference. For expert guidance, contact the Law Office of Jon Marlowe by clicking here.