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Injured at Work? What No One Told You

Workers Compensation
October 12, 2021
Injured at Work? What No One Told You

Injured at Work? What No One Told You It’s often a difficult and confusing time when you’re injured at work. You may be wondering if the injury will affect your ability to do your job in the future, or if you’ll be able to properly care for your family’s financial needs. But what no one probably told you is that there are certain steps you should take immediately if you want to file for workmans comp, so the sooner you talk with a qualified attorney the better. 

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Workmans Comp Benefits

Many people mistakenly believe, for one reason or another, that they won’t qualify for benefits if they were injured on the job. But, in most cases, this is simply not true, and you deserve to fully understand your rights

Injured at Work? What No One Told You

Whether you’ve had a sudden accident, or an injury that developed over a period of time, the following are some tips from a top workmans comp lawyer. 

1) Report Your Injury Right Away

Don’t ever wait to report that you were injured at work. Even if you think you’re probably fine, it’s important to notify your employer or supervisor as soon as possible. In California, there’s a 30 day window.

2) Document Your Injury

You also need to document your injury for workmans comp benefits because if you don’t it will be harder to prove that you were hurt at work. It’s especially important to maintain a detailed record of what happened if there was an accident, like who was there at the time, as well as any medical treatment you received. 

3) Your Employer Can’t Fire You

Injured at Work? What No One Told You If you were injured at work, it’s illegal for your employer to punish or fire you for being hurt on the job. In fact, an employer that lashes out in this way can face repercussions, such as being made to pay for lost wages, and offer additional benefits after your job is reinstated. 

4) Take a Break From Social Media

Unfortunately, the insurance company will likely use a few tricks to spy on you. Social media is a fast and free way for an insurance company to try to get information about what you’re up to in order to find details they can use against you in court. It’s possible that the insurance company may also hire private investigators to take pictures or videos of you to build a case against your claim. This is why it’s best if you stay off of social media, and, of course, follow any restrictions your doctor gives you as precisely as possible.

5) Qualifying For Temporary Disability Payments

If you were injured at work and need to take some time off to recover, you may be entitled to Temporary Disability payments to help you through this period without an income. Temporary Disability is calculated as 66% of your average weekly earnings before the injury, and also before taxes. The total value should also include anything else your employer was paying for, like money for food, lodging, or other work benefits not listed here. 

Get Help With Workmans Comp 

You deserve compensation for your injury and we’re here to help. If you were injured at work and need to file a workers compensation claim, contact the Law Office of Jon Marlowe today. We can help you get through this difficult process with minimal stress, so don’t let it derail your life. Give us a call at (925) 302-9176 to get started today.