Injured at Work Lawyer FAQs

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March 15, 2022
injured at work lawyer faqs

Jon Marlowe Law has decades of experience in personal injury law, where we’ve represented injured workers and their families. Our firm is dedicated to helping those who are not getting the compensation they deserve. below are the common  Injured at Work Lawyer FAQs

If you have recently been injured at work, are in pain, and are worried about how you’re going to pay the bills, this article is for you. You know you deserve compensation for what happened to you, but you’re unsure of what steps you need to take next. Should you hire an attorney? What can your lawyer do? Read to learn the answers to FAQs posed to injured at work lawyers.

Common FAQs When Hiring an Injured at Work Lawyer

What is a workers’ compensation claim?

Workers’ compensation claims are intended to cover the medical expenses and lost income from workplace injuries. This includes payments for missed work, medical care for your injury, and any other financial needs arising from being injured at work.

The time it will take to get all of these benefits can vary depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury. There are also different levels of coverage available, so it may be worth consulting with an attorney before filing a claim to find out what is best for you.

Who pays my bills while I am off work?

In most cases, if you cannot work because of an injury sustained at work, you will be entitled to a disability income benefit. This monthly benefit replaces some or all of your lost wages. The amount of the benefit depends on how much you were earning before your injury.

How long will my case take?

A work injury lawyer can help you determine the statute of limitations that applies to your case. And if it’s within the statute, they can file a claim on your behalf. Typically, cases are settled outside of court and do not take as long, but you can expect this process to take a few weeks to a few months depending on the complexity of the case, the cooperation of both parties, and other outside factors.

Who can be held responsible for my injury?

A variety of people or entities can be held legally responsible if you are injured at work.

The person supervising you when the injury happened might be liable for what happened to you. Your employer might also be responsible for your injuries. Injuries can be short or long-term; they do not necessarily just mean a one-time event but also include work-sustained injuries long-term. Your attorney can let you know the particulars of each.

If a third party caused the accident, this person could also be held liable for your injury. A third party is anyone that isn’t an employee of the company that caused your injury.

In general, it would be hard to find you at fault if you were not found to be under the influence at the time of your injury and you were following safety and protocol.

Can I sue for damages beyond my medical expenses?

If you have a workers’ compensation claim, you may be able to sue for damages beyond your medical bills. Some states allow for suing for pain and suffering—as well as future potential losses or mental anguish. If this is true in your state, the costs could go up substantially.

Jon Marlowe Law is here to help. Our lawyers are committed to providing the highest quality of legal counsel for injured workers and their families in a timely and affordable manner.

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Injured at work lawyer faqs

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