Need a Workers Compensation Attorney Near Me? Questions to Ask

Workers Compensation
April 22, 2022
workers compensation attorney near me

If you have been injured at work, you might be searching for a workers compensation attorney near me. A workers comp lawyer understands how best to help people who’ve been hurt at work. But you might be wondering how to vet a lawyer before hiring them for your case. Here are some questions to ask while hiring a workers comp lawyer.

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What does a workers comp lawyer do?

A workers comp lawyer will help you with your compensation claim. They’ll file all the necessary paperwork, collect evidence that proves you deserve compensation, and negotiate a settlement on your behalf. If an agreement can’t be reached, they’ll take your case to court and represent you there.

Why hire a workers comp lawyer for your case?

If you or a loved one were hurt at work and you’re unsure of the next steps, hiring a workers comp lawyer can help. They can answer questions, provide an overview of the case, and ensure your rights are protected. 

Need a Workers Compensation Attorney Near Me? Questions to Ask

Below are some important questions to ask a workers comp attorney:

  1.     What type of cases do you specialize in?

An excellent way to find out if they can take on your case is to ask what types of cases they specialize in. If they specialize in personal injury law and workers compensation, they may be able to take on your case. Or if you have a particular field that has caused the injury, like construction or manufacturing, it’s essential to know if the lawyer specializes in that area. 

  1.     What are your credentials?

You’ll want to find out about their education and experience before deciding which workers comp lawyer is right for you and your case. Ask them how long they have worked in their field.

  1.     What is your fee structure?

Different lawyers have different fee structures for their services. Some lawyers will charge an hourly rate based on an initial consultation fee and per-hour consultation rates after that, while some lawyers will charge a flat fee for legal services with no additional fees afterward. It’s essential to know beforehand how much it will cost to budget accordingly.

  1.     Do you take contingency cases?

Another question to ask is whether or not the lawyer takes on contingency cases. A contingency case means that your lawyer gets paid if they win the case, making them more likely to put time and resources into it. The downside? If they lose, there’s no payment for them at all (though this is mitigated by having a retainer agreement). With that said, make sure your budget can handle paying a lawyer upfront before agreeing to any form of payment.

  1.     Where are you located?

You should also consider location. Some lawyers only take on clients based on geographical proximity, while others may offer online consultations, which allow them to work with people in different regions. You might want to think about hiring someone physically close by if you’re going against your employer and need help filing paperwork or giving testimony at hearings.

Marlowe Law Can Help

By asking your workers comp lawyer the right questions, you can make sure you’re getting the best results for your case. If you need a workers compensation attorney near me, don’t hesitate to contact the Law Office of Jon Marlowe at (925) 302-9176 for more information.