We provide legal services for each of our clients that is tailored specifically to their individual circumstances and needs. We take pride in providing the best client focused legal services possible. We like to call this relationship and attention to our client’s needs, Sidebar Manner.

Doctors establish strong bedside manner relationships with their patients in order to deliver high-quality healthcare. Much like a doctor-patient relationship, successful attorney-client relationships are based on an attorney’s ability to establish a solid Sidebar Manner with his clients. In our Sidebar Manner we take a passionate yet aggressive stance in each case, we try to minimize the stress and strain caused by legal bouts, and we make ourselves available to our clients virtually 24/7 in order to keep them informed and empowered in their case. Our goal is to have the best Sidebar Manner in the field.

We provide legal services and advocate for injured workers in their workers’ compensation claims and social security disability benefits applications and appeals.